Yubileynoe 3 WET

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Active: No
Site:Novyi Urengoy
Site Description:UKPG-5 at Urengoy gas-field
CALM-Code:R34 A
Responsible Countries: Russia,
Timezone:UTC/GMT +06:00 hours
Vegetation Type:Tundra
Responsible Person:Anna Kurchatova
Offset:1 m

Technical-Environmental Permafrost Observatories (TEPO) of northern West Siberia


During the last decade one of the most developed topics in environmental studies was the effect of global climate change. This has been shown to be especially pronounced in northern regions, having an important influence on the subsequent transformation of frozen soil distribution and potential permafrost degradation. In West Siberia such studies are especially important with the prospect of plans for development of oil-gas fields (Yamal, Gydan and Kara Sea shelf). Presently the enterprises independently determine the necessary research for ecological control of the territory. 


Therefore, the Tyumen State Oil and Gas University (TSOGU) together with one of the leading gas enterprises “Nadymgasprom” started to create an observational network along the meridian transect of northern West Siberia (Yamal-Nenets administrative district). Observational network consists from a number of monitoring sites – Technical-Environmental Permafrost Observatories (TEPO). The research complex includes temperature observations in boreholes (depths of 30) equipped with automatic systems for registration and data collection; seasonal field investigations on spatial distribution and temporal variability of the snow cover and vegetation and soil distribution. TSOGU and “Nadymgasprom” are planning to realize of long-term monitoring and obtain representative results on permafrost-climate interaction. At present there are 4 monitoring observatories located in the main landscape types and gas fields in use since 1972 (Medvezhye), 1992 (Yubileynoe) and in development (Harasavey and Bovanenkovo, Yamal). At the last site the automatic Climate-Soil Station was established in the framework of the INTAS Infrastructure Action project with cooperation of the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research and the University of Hamburg, Germany.

Permafrost Zone:Discontinuous
Landform:Wet drained lake basin
Morphology:Wet drained lake basin
Description:General description of soil moisture : Moist and wet
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Bibliographic References
Kurchatova A.N., A.V. Boytsov, A.B. Osokin, and G.K. Smolov. 2008. Ninth International Conference on Permafrost. Extended Abstracts. Temperatures of Upper Permafrost in Northern West Siberia,159-160

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Longitude:75.8718611 °
Latitude:65.95033 °
Elevation:86.58886719 m
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