Vaskiny Dachi Grid

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Active: Yes
Site:Vaskiny Dachy
Responsible Countries: Russia,
Timezone:UTC/GMT +06:00 hours
Vegetation Type:Tundra
Responsible Person:Marina Leibman
Offset:10 m


This site is located in the central Yamal Peninsula and occupies the top and slopes of the alluvial-marine plain. Its altitude ranges from 15 to 32 m. The embedded 100 × 100 m CALM site lies in the 26–32 m altitude range and occupies the top and southeastern slope of the hill. The upper portion of the lithological section at the hilltop is composed of sands and silts. Saline clays are frequent on slopes. The hilltop is occupied by well-drained polygonal tundra, in combination with blowout sands. Slopes are covered by shrub tundra with abnormally tall willows, as well as poorly vegetated shear surfaces associated with modern landslides. The total thickness of organic cover (moss, lichen, turf, and peat) does not exceed 8 cm.


1-ha grid consists of a square array of surveyed permanent stakes separated by 10 m, yielding an 11 × 11 array of sampling nodes on each grid. Thaw depth and snow sampling was conducted twice by manual probing at each stake. The two values for each sampling point are averaged, yielding a maximum of 121 data points per grid per probing date. The active layer was not measured at locations where grid points intersect rocks or deep water.

Slope:4 °
Permafrost Zone:Continuous
Vegetation:Mesic prostrate dwarf shrub-lichen-shrub moss; shrub-grass tundra
Landform:Fluvial-marine plain dissected by lakes and ravines
Lithology:Gleyic Cryosols (sandy and clayey) Organic layer thickness 8 cm, silty sands to silty clays
Description:General description of soil moisture : dry, wet
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Bibliographic References
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Longitude:68.9 °
Latitude:70.283 °
Elevation:54.6896019 m
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