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Active: Yes
Responsible Countries: Russia,
Timezone:UTC/GMT +04:00 hours
Vegetation Type:Shrub Tundra
Responsible Person:Dmitri Zamolodchikov
Offset:10 m

1-ha grid consists of a square array of surveyed permanent stakes separated by 10 m, yielding an 11 × 11 array of sampling nodes on each grid. Thaw depth and snow sampling was conducted twice by manual probing at each stake. The two values for each sampling point are averaged, yielding a maximum of 121 data points per grid per probing date. The active layer was not measured at locations where grid points intersect rocks or deep water.

Slope:1 °
Permafrost Zone:Continuous
Vegetation:Mesic shrub-dwarf shrub-moss-lichen tundra
Landform:Glacial marine plain deposit over shallow bedrock, dissected by streamsOrganic layer is 4 to 25 cm; silty loam
Lithology:Organic layer is 4 to 25 cm; silty loam Stagnic Cryosol, Stagni-Gelic Cambisol (loamy)
Description:The Talnik CALM site (67 19.80N; 63 44.00E) is located 20 km south of the town of Vorkuta, near the Talnik railway station. The distance from the Ayach-Yakha site is 40 km. The site is located on the same undulating glacial-marine plain as Ayach-Yakha and occupies a gentle northeast-facing slope. The range of elevations within the site is 4.7 m, with a distinct ridge and a depression/hollow each covering approximately one half of the site. The MAPT is not known; however, it should not be less than 2.0 C according to the most recent permafrost map of the area Fifty-seven per cent of the site is covered with a lichen/feather moss/tall shrub/dwarf shrub community, and the remainder is occupied by communities dominated by feather mosses and dwarf birch. Willows in depressions are up to 1.5m high. Moss coverage is more than 70% in depressions, but less than 30% on a ridge. Soils are loamy Stagnic Cryosols and Stagni-Gelic Cambisols. The organic layer has not been surveyed across the entire site, but its thickness in three soil pits varied from 4 to 25 cm. Snow thickness reaches 200 cm in depressions, and ranges from 40 to 60cm on the ridge. General description of soil moisture : Moist
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Bibliographic References
Mazhitova G., Malkova (Ananjeva) G., Chestnykh O., Zamolodchikov D. 2004. Active-layer spatial and temporal variability at European Russian Circumpolar-Active-Layer-Monitoring (CALM) sites. Permafrost and Periglacial Processes,15. P. 123139.

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Talnik 1Talnik 2

Longitude:63.733 °
Latitude:67.33 °
Elevation:120 m
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