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Site Description:The Kitzsteinhorn is a 3.203 m high mountain peak in Central Austria. The research project MOREXPERT (“Monitoring Expert System for Hazardous Rock Walls”) has established a new long-term monitoring site focusing on permafrost and rockfall interaction in the summit region of the Kitzsteinhorn. A total number of five boreholes have been drilled into permafrost-affected bedrock (calcareous mica-schist).
Responsible Countries: Austria,
Timezone:UTC/GMT +01:00 hours
Vegetation Type:No Vegetation
Responsible Person:Ingo Hartmeyer

The borehole has been drilled into the side wall of a tunnel (horizontal drilling), which crosses the west ridge of Mount Kitzsteinhorn (3.203 m).

Depth:20 m
Drilling Angle:90 °
Diameter:9 cm
Deepest Sensor:18.3 m
Drilling Method:Air Flush Rotary Drilling
Date Drilled:19. Oct 2010
Type:Borehole is located approx. 100m from cable car summit station
Type:Anthropogenic (Air circulation in the tunnel leads to a slight thermal disturbance of the surrounding rock mass (borehole temperature data show that thermal disturbance extends to a depth of approx. 10 m).
Distance From Heat:0 m
Permafrost Zone:Mountain
Vegetation:No Vegetation (bare rock)
Lithology:Calcareous Mica-Schist
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Longitude:12.68488424 °
Latitude:47.18843315 °
Elevation:3035.04785156 m
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