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Site:Mackenzie River
Responsible Countries: Canada,
Timezone:UTC/GMT -05:00 hours
Vegetation Type:Coniferous Forest
Responsible Person:Barry Goodison

Part of the thermal fence at Km 18.9. Refer to GSC Open File Report No. 2044 by J. Pilon, M. Burgess, A. Judge, V. Allen, K. MacInnes, D. Harry, C. Tarnocai, H. Baker.  "Norman Wells to Zama oil pipeline permafrost and terrain research and monitoring program: Site establishment Report. See p. 49:  Thermal Fence 84-2A, KP18.9.

BOREHOLE T4 on the Site Plan is the thermal cable logged by the weather station datalogger.

MEAN ANNUAL GROUND TEMPERATURE AT OR NEAR DEPTH OF ZERO ANNUAL AMPLITUDE (°C) - report  value for most recent year or 12 month interval

MAGT = -0.44C for Year 2000 at 6th level (approx 5m depth).

No temperature corrections for Cable HT200 on file at Saskatoon.

Year or 12 month interval for mean reported above

Year 2000

Range (if applicable) of mean annual ground temperature over observation period (°C)

Ground temperature measurement began in 1984, at installation.  A datalogger was installed in May, 1985 and has been operating since.  The datalogger record for 1986 to 1989 shows large annual cycles of temperature at all depths (0.4C), with average near the annual steady state of subsequent years.  During 1990 to 2000, the temperature at all levels gradually increased, at a gradually reducing rate.  The temperature for the year 1990 for the 6th level (about 5m depth) was and indicated -0.567 for 1990 and an indicated -0.440 for the year 2000, an increase of 0.117C.  (In the same period, the temperature of the previous 30 years at Norman Wells Airport has risen from an annual -6.3C to -5.6C, an increase of 0.7C).

Annual temperature cycles were less than 0.05C during 1990 to 1992, and less than 0.02C during later years.

Mean annual air temperature this site for Year 2000 was -4.35C.

Mean annual snow cover depth at this site for Year 2000 was 335mm

MAAT at Norman Wells A for the Year 2000 was   -5.36C

Mean snow cover depth based only on  Month-end was 137mm

NAME AND LOCATION OF CLOSEST CLIMATE STATION (latitude, longitude, and distance from borehole, km) - provide (if available) mean monthly air temperature and snow depth of reporting interval for mean annual ground temperature

Norman Wells A.   YVQ. 

65deg 17' N    126deg 48' W,    Elevation 62m a.s.l.    

MAAT -5.37C for Year 2000.

Mean Snow on Ground During Year 2000 was 128mm (end of month values).


Air temperature: Yes [X] No [ ]    Snow thickness: Yes[X] No[ ]   Density: Yes [ ] No[X]

Depth:13.2 m
Drilling Angle:90 °
Deepest Sensor:13.2 m
Drilling Method:Auger. ("Mobile Auger Super B-61 drill rig")
Date Drilled:01. Mar 1984
Type:Accessible by helicopter or offroad vehicle. In winter, it is sometimes accessible by winter road.
Distance From Road:13 m
Type:telephone line cleared right of way, in 1961.
Distance From Heat:10 m
Other Disturbance:oil pipeline near surface at centre of same cleared right of way, in 1984.
Distance From Heat:25 m
Aspect:180 °
Permafrost Zone:Discontinuous
Landform:River terrace on the Mackenzie River. This side has a narrow terrace. The site is elevated 50m from the river, and off the river by about 1.8km
Lithology:See GSC Open File 2044, as quoted above. Site has silty clay or clayey silt to 9m, then shale clayey to depth (13m).
Morphology:Local relief (m) within 100m, the land is nearly level East, North and West, with a slope of up to 1m toward the South. Within 1km, there is a major ravine (Canyon Creek) about 50m deep to the east of the site, that flows southward. The site is on a raised river floodplain within 2km of the Mackenzie River to the south, and within 2km of the base of a slope to the north that averages 10percent for a few kilometres.
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Bibliographic References
Couture, R.; Robinson, S.D.; and Burgess, M.M.2000.Climate change, permafrost degradation, and infrastructure adaptation: preliminary results from a pilot community case study in the Mackenzie valley.Geological Survey of Canada, Current Research 2000B2.9 p.

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Longitude:-126.52 °
Latitude:65.23416 °
Elevation:131.525314 m
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