Kee Scarp, near Norman Wells, NWT

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Active: No
Site:Mackenzie River
Responsible Countries: Canada,
Timezone:UTC/GMT -05:00 hours
Vegetation Type:Deciduous Forest
Responsible Person:Barry Goodison
MAGT  (C) : 0.8
MAGT Depth (m) : 15.0
MAGT Date/ Period : Sept 2009 ZAA

MEAN ANNUAL GROUND TEMPERATURE AT OR NEAR DEPTH OF ZERO ANNUAL AMPLITUDE (°C) - report  value for most recent year or 12 month interval

+0.67C at 20m depth  for 12 months ending 1999/Day 300.

There is an annual temperature cycle of about 0.15C amplitude.  The phase is about 1.0 years behind the air temperature.

Year or 12 month interval for mean reported above

12 months. 1998, Day 301 to 1999, Day 300

Range (if applicable) of mean annual ground temperature over observation period (°C)

MAGT at 20m ranged from 0.60 to 0.67C since 1988.  There has been a more or less steady increase throughout the period.


NAME AND LOCATION OF CLOSEST CLIMATE STATION (latitude, longitude, and distance from borehole, km) -  provide (if available) mean monthly air temperature and snow depth of reporting interval for mean annual ground temperature

Norman Wells A  (YVQ)

65deg 17' N, 126deg 48' W, Elevation 62m a.s.l.    

MAAT -5.05C  for 12 months ending 30 Oct, 1999

Mean Snow on Ground at end of month is 4.7cm



Air temperature: Yes [X] No [ ]    Snow thickness: Yes[X] No[ ]   Density: Yes [ ] No[X]

Depth:45 m
Drilling Angle:90 °
Deepest Sensor:45 m
Date Drilled:01. Jan 1988
Type:Accessible by offroad vehicles, with a normal vehicular fine-weather road to within 400m.
Distance From Road:400 m
Type:Natural heat island, 300 m above floor of an Arctic valley. In winter several degrees warmer than the valley bottom and slightly warmer than the valley top some 500 m higher.
Distance From Heat:0 m
Slope:14 °
Aspect:334.4 °
Permafrost Zone:Discontinuous
Hydrology:The immediate vicinity of the instruments is an open deciduous forest on a well-drained ridge with rather regolithic soil. There are patches of forest where the conifers are dominent, within sight, both on and just off the ridge. The boreholes are in a natural meadow, covered with grasses and small shrubs, of dimensions about 30 by 50m.
Landform:The site is on a ridge about 1/3 up the North side of the Mackenzie River Valley. At this location, the valley has a plain some 50km wide to the Southwest of the river, reaching toward the Mackenzie Mountains. On the near, Northwest side, the valley slopes up locally to a ridge about 950m high. The river is at about 40m ASL locally.
Morphology:Land slopes away to river valley 200m below to South, and into a small valley 40m below toward the North, beyond which is a longer slope up to a small mountain 650m above the site.
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Bibliographic References
Taylor, Al, Mark Nixon, Joe Eley, Margo Burgess and Paul Egginton, 1998. Effects of atmospheric temperature inversions on ground surface temperatures and discontinuous permafrost, Norman Wells, Mackenzie Valley, Canada. In A.G. Lewkowicz and Michel Allard, Eds. Proceedings: Permafrost, Seventh International Conference, June 23-27, 1998, Yellowknife, Canada, pp.1043-1048.

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Longitude:-126.73 °
Latitude:65.3 °
Elevation:213.159409 m
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