Alpine Burwash

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Created: 2014-01-09 10:26:05
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Active: No
GTN-P:CA 176
Responsible Countries: Canada,
Timezone:UTC/GMT -08:00 hours
Vegetation Type:Tundra
Responsible Person:Antoni Lewkowicz

Permafrost present but thickness unknown. 

MAGT  (C) : -2.0
MAGT Depth (m) : 30.0
MAGT Date/ Period : 2008-09


NAME AND LOCATION OF CLOSEST CLIMATE STATION (latitude, longitude, and distance from borehole, km) - provide (if available) mean monthly air temperature and snow depth of reporting interval for mean annual ground temperature

Burwash Landing    61˚22.200’N    139˚3.000’W

Air Temperature is measured at approximately 2m height and recorded every hour.

Snow cover measured using i-button technique at 4 hour intervals.

Depth:42.9 m
Drilling Angle:50 °
Deepest Sensor:42.9 m
Drilling Method:Diamond drill
Date Drilled:13. Aug 2008
Distance From Road:2170 m
Type:anthropogenic: borehole drilled for mineral exploration, roads cut above hole, vegetation removed
Distance From Heat:0 m
Other Disturbance:anthropogenic: slope used to be 25°, now flat
Slope:20 °
Aspect:14.5 °
Permafrost Zone:Sporadic
Hydrology:Alpine Tundra: grasses, various mosses, alpine bearberry, no trees, very small willow, lichens.
Landform:Mountainous region, old rock glacier nearby, gravelly scree slopes.
Lithology:Well developed soil with gravelly components, outcrops of bedrock, bedrock ultramafic sills
Morphology:Hole goes into the side of a ridge, lower than the top of the ridge that increases in elevation to the east-north-east.
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Longitude:-139.4125 °
Latitude:61.451667 °
Elevation:1790.26062 m
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