Old Crow

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Active: No
Site:Old Crow
GTN-P:CA 183
Responsible Countries: Canada,
Timezone:UTC/GMT -07:00 hours
Vegetation Type:Coniferous Forest
Responsible Person:Chris R. Burn

Permafrost present but thickness unknown. 

MAGT  (C) : -3.3
MAGT Depth (m) : -3.0

MEAN ANNUAL GROUND TEMPERATURE AT OR NEAR DEPTH OF ZERO ANNUAL AMPLITUDE (°C) – report value for most recent year or 12 month interval -3.7°C*

Depth of zero annual amplitude (or depth of measurement reported above)  (m) 20 m

Year or 12 month interval for mean reported above *August 12, 2009

Name of closest clima station: Old Crow.


Depth:20 m
Drilling Angle:90 °
Drilling Method:Water jet
Date Drilled:01. Jan 2006
Distance From Heat:200 m
Slope:3 °
Aspect:267.9 °
Permafrost Thickness:62 m
Permafrost Zone:Continuous
Landform:Holocene river terrace.
Lithology:Sandy alluvial sediments.
Morphology:Alluvial plain into which the Old Crow River has incised about 10 m.
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Longitude:-139.816 °
Latitude:67.5762 °
Elevation:248 m
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