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Active: No
Site:Columbia Mountains
GTN-P:CA 175
Responsible Countries: Canada,
Timezone:UTC/GMT -07:00 hours
Vegetation Type:Tundra
Responsible Person:Antoni Lewkowicz
MAGT  (C) : 0.4
MAGT Depth (m) : 20.0
MAGT Date/ Period : Sept 1 2008 - Aug 31 2009

MEAN ANNUAL GROUND TEMPERATURE AT OR NEAR DEPTH OF ZERO ANNUAL AMPLITUDE (°C) - report  value for most recent year or 12 month interval 0.4°C

Depth of zero annual amplitude (or depth of measurement reported above)  (m) 20 m

Year or 12 month interval for mean reported above 2008-09


NAME AND LOCATION OF CLOSEST CLIMATE STATION (latitude, longitude, and distance from borehole, km) - provide (if available) mean monthly air temperature and snow depth of reporting interval for mean annual ground temperature

Teslin 60˚10.200’N  132˚44.400’W

Air Temperature is measured at 2.45m height, sampled every 4 minutes and logging every hour.

Snow cover measured using i-button technique at 4 hour intervals.  Also measuring relative humidity, wind speed, direction and gusts, precipitation amount, incoming solar radiation, ground surface temperature, and ground temperature depths of 10, 20, and 50cm

Depth:26.8 m
Drilling Angle:90 °
Deepest Sensor:20 m
Drilling Method:Diamond Drill. Drilled again in 2008
Date Drilled:01. Jan 1978
Distance From Road:400 m
Type:anthropogenic: drilling for mineral exploration in area
Other Disturbance:anthropogenic: old road that has become re-vegetated
Distance From Heat:0 m
Slope:8 °
Aspect:135 °
Permafrost Zone:Sporadic
Vegetation:Alpine tundra Vegetation: stiff club moss and others, lichens, very small grasses and sedges, tussocks with taller vegetation – different species than other parts of the Yukon.
Landform:Site is just north of the BC border with the Yukon, at a maximum of 1km from the BC border. Frost shattered bedrock with sorted stripes and frost boils. Snow patches left on surrounding slopes at the beginning of August 2008. Located on the southeast side of a broad ridge, overlooking a u-shaped valley. Snow patches on northwest side of this same ridge.
Lithology:Metamorphosed sedimentary. Minerals in area – Tungsten and Molybdonite.
Morphology:Top of hill or ridge
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Longitude:-131.599722 °
Latitude:60.008056 °
Elevation:1626.543945 m
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