Crater Lake 3. Deception Island

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Active: Yes
Site:Deception Island
Site Description:Deception Island, is an active strato-volcano on South Shetland Archipelago of Antarctica (62° 55′ 0″ S, 60° 37′ 0″ W), is a cold region with harsh remote and hostile environmental conditions. The permafrost and active layer existence, and the cold climate conditions together with volcanic material with height water content inside made this region of the Earth a perfect site to study the active layer and permafrost evolution involved in the Circumpolar Active Layer South (CALM-S) and TSP programs.
Responsible Countries: Antarctica, Portugal, Russia, Spain,
Timezone:UTC/GMT -04:00 hours
Vegetation Type:Polar Desert
Responsible Person:Miguel Ramos
Depth:6 m
Drilling Angle:90 °
Deepest Sensor:5 m
Drilling Method:Rotatory and percution.
Date Drilled:01. Jan 2009
Type:By foot from Gabriel de Castilla Spanish station.
Type:Active vulcano.
Distance From Heat:0 m
Other Disturbance:Lakes.
Distance From Heat:200 m
Permafrost Thickness:more than 5 m m
Permafrost Zone:Continuous
Vegetation:Mostly uncovered. Locally, small moss patches.
Hydrology:Porous regolith.
Landform:Small plateaus.
Morphology:Pyroclastic material, volcanic ashes.
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Longitude:-60.66667 °
Latitude:-62.98333 °
Elevation:85 m
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