DB1* Dovrefjell

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Created: 2014-01-20 09:04:57
Modified: 2014-03-03 11:55:58

Active: No
Responsible Countries: Norway,
Timezone:UTC/GMT +01:00 hours
Vegetation Type:No Vegetation
Responsible Person:Ketil Isaksen
MAGT (C) -0,1
MAGT_DEPTH (m) 7,0
MAGT_DATE 26.06.2008-25.06.2009

Permafrost present but thickness unknown. 


AIR TEMPERATURE AND SNOW COVER THICKNESS/DENSITY MEASUREMENTS AT THE BOREHOLE SITE (indicate frequency of observations): Air temperature: Yes [] No [ ]    Snow thickness: Yes[ ] No[X ]   Density: Yes [ ] No[X ]

Depth:10 m
Drilling Angle:90 °
Deepest Sensor:6.67 m
Drilling Method:Core drilling
Date Drilled:01. Jan 2001
Distance From Road:0 m
Slope:4 °
Aspect:132.2 °
Permafrost Zone:Mountain
Vegetation:No vegetation/mountain tundra? (acc. to photos on Google Earth; Kerstin Gillen).
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Bibliographic References
Isaksen, K., Hauck, C., Gudevang, E., Ødegård, R.S. Sollid, J.L. 2002. Mountain permafrost distribution on Dovrefjell and Jotunheimen, southern Norway, based on BTS and DC resistivity tomography data. Norsk Geografisk Tidsskrift-Norwegian Journal of Geography 56(2): 122-136.

Sollid, J.L., Isaksen, K., Eiken, T. Ødegård, R.S. 2003. The transition zone of mountain permafrost on Dovrefjell, southern Norway. Eight International Conference on Permafrost, Proceedings, Zurich, Switzerland, 1085-1089.

Ødegård, R.S., Isaksen, K., Eiken, T. Sollid, J.L. 2008. MAGST in mountain permafrost, Dovrefjell, southern Norway, 2001-2006. Ninth International Conference on Permafrost, Fairbanks, Alaska, USA, 1311-1315. Institute of Northern Engineering, University of Alaska Fairbanks.

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Longitude:9.33805556 °
Latitude:62.29694444 °
Elevation:1505 m
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