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Observation Type:TSP
Area:973,171.712 km2
The ten communities (Figure 1) are all located within the continuous permafrost zone and Arctic ecozone with mean annual air temperature generally below -10 °C with the exception of Pangnirtung. A borehole (15 m deep) was drilled in each community in collaboration with the Nunavut Department of Community and Government Services (Ednie and Smith 2010, 2011). The boreholes are located within Hamlet administrative boundaries and/or near airport weather stations (Environment Canada’s weather stations). The close proximity of the permafrost monitoring sites to the hamlets facilitates the collection of data from these monitoring sites by community members. The majority of the boreholes were drilled in relatively undisturbed terrain consisting of sparse vegetation over a thin layer of mineral soil and/or bare surface (natural terrain or gravel pad) underlain by till or fractured bedrock.

Center of the site


Bounding Box

Max Lat: 74.72°
Min Long: -95.88° Max Long: -65.67072°
Min Lat: 66.14°

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