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Active: No
Site Description:100 m deep borehole in bedrock automated temperature monitoring and DTS measurements
Responsible Countries: France,
Timezone:UTC/GMT +01:00 hours
Vegetation Type:No Vegetation
Responsible Person:Philippe Schoeneich

100 m deep borehole in flat homogenous bedrock (gneiss)

continuous automated temperature monitoring (PT100 probes)

periodic fiber optic DTS measurements

Previously named "2Alpes-3065"

Depth:100 m
Drilling Angle:90 °
Diameter:12 cm
Deepest Sensor:98 m
Drilling Method:Dry percussion drilling, with compressed air. Diameter 12 cm, equipped with 8.3 cm plastic tube
Date Drilled:15. Sep 2010
Type:Accessible by earth track in summer and by snow track in winter
Distance From Road:200 m
Type:partial removal of debris cover on one side of the site
Permafrost Thickness:> 100 m
Permafrost Zone:Mountain
Vegetation:No vegetation.
Hydrology:No surface runoff. Shallow snow cover (up to 60 cm observed), windblown. No glacier cover during Little Ice Age and probably whole Holocene.
Landform:Broad and rounded hilltop.
Lithology:0-1.5 m: in-situ frost chattered bedrock 1.5-100 m: homogenous paragneiss on whole profile, moderately fractured
Morphology:Broad and rounded hilltop, covered by 1.5 to 2 m thick in situ frost chattered bedrock debris. Solifluxion with stone lobes.
Description:Hilltop at 3065 m elevation, dominating undulated landscape.
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Longitude:6.19166667 °
Latitude:45 °
Elevation:3065 m
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